Where: In-Person and Online

When: 09/19/2023

Church is not just for Sunday mornings. We are created to experience deep levels of community with other believers, and one of the best ways to grow spiritually and live life with fellow Christ followers is through a Community Group. A Community Group is made up of 10-14 people committed to regularly meet to study God’s Word, share challenges, pray, encourage one another, build friendships, serve together…and have fun! Community Groups at CPC meet across the Peninsula for all ages on every day of the week, each led by trained community group leaders. So what are you waiting for? Engage in a Community Group today.

To find out more about community groups, go to CPC.ORG/COMMUNITY.

To see the list of open community groups and to register, go to CPC.ORG/GROUPS.

Got questions? Email US.