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The Picture Perfect Christmas

If you could picture the perfect Christmas what would it be? Christmas music? Trees Lights? Quality time with family or friends? Do you feel the pressure to make Christmas perfect? Stress, busyness, and disappointment reach their peak during the Christmas season. We are reminded that life isn’t as perfect as we hoped it would be.


To the people of the first Christmas, the arrival (“advent”) of Jesus bridged the gap between what is and what could be. Perfect ideas like Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love are now available to imperfect people. This advent season, join us on a journey through the Christmas story that will give you a new picture of the perfect Christmas.

Celebrate Christmas Eve at the Foster City Campus

Christmas Eve Service times are 2, 3:30 and 5 pm. CPCKids will be provided for 0-PreK at the 2 and 3:30 pm service.

Christmas Outreach Fund

Each year we take an offering on Christmas Eve to give it all away! Learn more about our Christmas Outreach Fund.


Where should I park?
We encourage you to come early to find parking. Our lot can fill up fast! If you see the "Lot Full" signs, you can find street parking on Catamaran Street. Check this map out for nearby places to park.


How long will the service be?
The service will last about an hour and fifteen minutes.


Will it be boring?
No! We think that the story of Jesus is deeply compelling, and we celebrate in the same way. 


What should I wear?
Don’t feel obligated to dress up. Some people may dress up, while others will dress down.