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50 Plus Ministry

50 Plus Ministry



As part of the "Longevity Revolution," CPC 50+ single and married adults are unlike previous generations in the 50+ age range. The Sequoia Ministry offers opportunities to be fully engaged during these "bonus years"  through a variety of exciting learning, social and volunteer opportunities.


Sequoia presents a speaker series: "Understanding the Power of Human Relationships for the Good." Psychologists tell us that the pandemic has caused increases in interpersonal discord, anxiety, depression, and addictions. These stressful months have served as a test, revealing weaknesses in our usual manner of relating to the people in our lives. The purpose of this speaker series is to understand the ways human relationships go sour. At the same time, we will explore possibilities for helping past broken relationships. Finally, we will want to understand the reasons for Christian hope to forge new and more fulfilling human relationships in the future.


Join us on the third Sunday of the month at 4 PM by webinar.



February 20, 2022: "Understanding the Power of Heart in Human Relationships for the Good" Pastor Dan Reid:


Following the illustration of the "Tin Man" in The Wizard of Oz Story who needed a heart, we understand that it had its background in a social reaction to the impersonal forces of industrialization before the 20th Century. We see a similar thing happening in Silicon Valley today. The book of Jeremiah marks the turning point in the story of the biblical covenant where a "heart of flesh" will replace the "heart of stone." We will be asking Dan to expand on the idea of the covenant from January, to explain what happened when Christ came in human flesh and the implications of the New Covenant.


March 20, 2022: "Understanding "Body Life." Human Relationships for Good in the Church Dr. Mark Mitchell:


In 1972 Ray Stedman, Mark Mitchell's mentor at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, wrote the book "Body Life," which reported a dramatic manifestation of community at PBC, one of its markers being the involvement of many young persons. "Body Life" attracted national attention. Later, Mark wrote the definitive biography of Ray Stedman.


May 15, 2022: "Understanding the Power of Being Made in the Image of Christ on Human Relationships for the Good" Pastor Kevin Sneed:


The idea that all people matter is widely undisputed across all spectrums of thought. The fact that everyone seems to agree on this one thing is remarkable, given that human relationships are marked by so much discord these days. Being made in the image of Christ is the foundational principle behind the Christian view for why people matter. While the path to human relational peace seems complicated, we will ask Kevin Sneed to examine if this one truth may be the ultimate way forward.

Book Club

Our Book Club meets monthly on the fourth Saturday from 3–4:30 pm in the Multipurpose Room. Genres are wide-ranging, and a three month reading list is circulated each quarter. The Club also hosts a variety of meet-ups for coffee, games, dine-outs and outings; in addition, we periodically conduct deep-dive “book studies” on specific topics of spiritual value. (These are offered via Zoom, and ideal for folks  who live out of the area or can’t attend in person for any reason.) For more information about any of the above, click REGISTER below.



Join your fellow CPCer's as they meet and explore breath-taking local hiking venues around the Peninsula. Hikes of all levels are offered, and complete information about what to bring, where to meet, and what to expect are provided in advance of each event. For more information contact Marilyn Stockdale Green or JOIN NOW for regular updates.


Camping Group

Pillar's Camping Group is now on Meetup. Click on “Join” and provide your email and any profile information you wish. You’ll receive emails announcing future trips. Membership is free and very easy. 

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