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Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling Training

Learn how to extend hands of compassion and bring lasting Christ-centered help to someone God has placed in your life through biblical counseling. Join us for ten weeks of Biblical Counseling Training as we learn what it means to be made in God’s image, understanding ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions, and so much more. If you are not sure you are called to be a counselor, taking this class will also help you grow your leadership skills in the workplace, in your home, and in your ministry to others.



Need Biblical Counseling?

Do you sometimes feel like you don't belong? Or that you are not loved and accepted? At times does anxiety or depression seem to own too much of your day? Does it seem like the busyness in life has left you feeling like you don't have a real purpose? Perhaps, like many of us, you have been trying to find answers apart from God’s plan and purpose for your life.


If you identify with any of these statements, it would be a good time to walk alongside one of our trained counselors who can guide you to scriptural answers to these questions.


Through short-term, focused, and personally relevant sessions, CPC counselors will guide you to a deeper understanding of scriptural answers for the challenges in everyday life. Here's what people who have gone through Biblical Counseling have to say:

"I feel closer to God . . . "
"It is helpful to talk to someone who doesn't judge and points to what God's Word says about problems and challenges."


Biblical Counseling is available from 9-9 Monday through Friday at the Foster City Campus. There is no cost to receive counseling, but the sessions are limited to 6-8 meetings. For more information or to schedule counseling, please contact Steve Kinstler, Director of Care Ministries, or start the process here.