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Discovery Trips

Interested in joining us for a Discovery Trip? These are opportunities to learn what God is doing in a different country where our mission partner is serving.  Step out of your comfort zone to deepen your faith and see how God can use you to bless others. Check out some of our past experiences. Contact Jennifer Marshall at jmarshall@cpc.org for future Discovery Trip dates.

Honduras Testimonials

On this trip I learned that God has blessed us with so much potential to make a difference. I have taken that seed home with me to water and nourish through networking, fundraising and encouraging others to see what it's like with their own two eyes.

Natalie Wills

I was inspired by the love for God in the people we met, especially in the kids and staff at the Garden. Their example makes me want to refresh my own walk with Christ.

Diona Lee (Team Leader)

This trip showed me how big, diverse and far spread God's family is and that our common bond of love for God unites us. I also was reminded that we must share what God has given us with these brothers and sisters in Christ.

Karyn Arle

Greece Testimonials

I've been impacted by the frustration the refugees feel about having to be in the camp for so long. The registration/screening process takes months. I find that this whole time here I've been emotionally detached. I don't allow myself to think about what these people are really going through, except for a few brief moments. It's the only way of surviving and being effective. It sounds terrible, but every other time I've come here, I've turned into an emotional wreck because of the situation. So I'm very tired, but of course I'm very grateful for this opportunity to serve the refugees once more.

Fred Naff (Mission Partner)

The fear and restlessness in the camp has made me think about what it means to not have a home to return to and how much courage it takes to be in their shoes. It is a dark place with fear and restlessness and it consumes people.

Ben Lo

This trip has impacted me by witnessing the Lord’s grace. Many refugees have lost possessions, families, and livelihoods. As expected they are angry, and their anger is often directed at volunteers. While I internally struggle with hearing the refugees complaints and accusations, other volunteers stand quietly beside the refugees and allow them to speak their mind no matter how vulgar the conversation may get. I thank God for letting me work with individuals who are full of Grace. These volunteers' behavior and attitude are truly an example to all of us.

Chris Solis

More than ever, I want Jesus to come back. Circumstances are fickle and change we could easily be in the place of these refugees someday, but God is not fickle and he pursues us relentlessly.

McKenna Mitchell

It's drastically changed the way I think about people, intercultural relations and gender.

Brynn Mitchell