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What does it mean to be “for” someone? When someone is ‘for’ you, they want the best for you, they come alongside you, they seek your good. In the same way, God is for you. He put His love for you in action through Jesus.

We are invited to bring hope to our family, work, people in our circle, people outside of our circle, people on the Peninsula, people who have much, and people who are in need. We invite people to join the story of God and have the opportunity to bring a glimpse of God’s future into the present.

Each of us has a part to play as we join together to act in ways that see the Kingdom of God flourish on the Peninsula. God is for you and is sending you to be for our world, starting where you are.

We want to encourage you to partner with us sometime during May 9-July 7 as we initiate “For Our Neighbor.” Whether it’s you, your family, your community group, student Life Group, WBS Table, Men’s Fraternity table, CPCKids small group, Young Adults, or a group of friends, we are excited to serve up and down the Peninsula! You will have the opportunity to choose a service opportunity and be “For Our Neighbor.” Our hope is that we can bring the hope of Jesus to those who need Him and let people know that not only is CPC “For” them but more importantly, God is for them.

Ways you can be "For" our neighbor


Bags Of Love

Bringing lunches and fellowship to the Tenderloin.

Lead elementary

LEAD Elementary

Serving teachers of low income students.

Day Labor Team

Day Labor

Sharing God’s love with local day labor workers.


Serving Seniors

Honoring and valuing our senior community.

veterens web

Military/Veterans Outreach

Providing hope and help to those in the military and those who are veterans.

Life Moves

Life Moves

Breaking the cycle of homelessness.

street church

Street Church

Serving the homeless in Redwood City.


Hygiene Bags

Serving the homeless by packing and handing out hygiene bags.


Redwood City Reads


Bayshore Streetworkz

Equip East-of-Bayshore youth to grow spiritually, gain life skills and develop as leaders so they have hope and a future.