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For Our Neighbor

What does it mean to be “for” someone? When someone is ‘for’ you, they want the best for you, they come alongside you, they seek your good. In the same way, God is for you. He put His love for you in action through Jesus.


We are invited to bring hope to our family, work, people in our circle, people outside of our circle, people on the Peninsula, people who have much, and people who are in need. We invite people to join the story of God and have the opportunity to bring a glimpse of God’s future into the present.


Each of us has a part to play as we join together to act in ways that see the Kingdom of God flourish on the Peninsula. God is for you and is sending you to be for our world, starting where you are.

Ways you can be "For" our neighbor and ways to serve during COVID-19

street church


Lead elementary

Low Income Schools


Covid-19 Help

Ways to serve at home and in person

during COVID-19

veterens web

Military/Veterans Outreach

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