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Fabiano Andrade

Operations Coordinator


650-349-1132 ex 141

Fabiano Andrade is our Operations Coordinator. If you ever wondered who or how things at CPC got set up and ready, he is the one! He also helps keep our Foster City facility in shape with repairs, [...]

Timmy Belleson

Technical Coordinator

tbelleson@cpc.org ex 139


Coming soon! [...]

Kathy Berggren

Women's Pastor


650-349-1132 ex 119

Kathy Berggren is the Women’s Pastor at CPC. She and her husband Ron have been married for 25 years and have two awesome daughters, Haley (23) and Hanna (21). Their collie Wilson completes their famil [...]

Norma Bufford

Finance Director


650-349-1132 ex 135

Norma Bufford is our Finance Director and helps to steward the funds God has provided for CPC. She loves spreadsheets! She is a leader in our Women’s Bible Study and has participated in WBS for the pa [...]

Savana Gilman



650.349.1132 ex 102

Coming soon! [...]

Darcie Gripp–Galvan

Campus Experience Director


650-349-1132 ex 108

Darcie Gripp-Galvan is our Campus Experience Director. Her hidden talent is a show-stopper--she can sing a Bible rap [...]

Sandy Hughes

Pastor of Communications


650-349-1132 ex 107

Sandy Hughes is our Pastor of Communications. After thirty years in youth ministry, God has moved her into a new role in communications. You see her around the office with a coffee cup in one hand and [...]

Steve Kinstler

Director of Care Ministries


650-349-1132 ex 136

Steve Kinstler is our Director of Care Ministries. He possesses some hidden musical talent--singing and playing the guitar. You may be surprised to learn that he once spent three months riding around [...]

Louise Lagarrigue

Mercy Ministry Coordinator


650-349-1132 ex 121

Louise Lagarrigue is our Mercy Ministry Coordinator. She possesses an amazing hidden talent: the ability to run in high heels! You may be surprised to learn that Louise married her childhood [...]

Jennifer Marshall

Missions and Outreach Director


650-349-1132 131

Jennifer Marshall is the Missions & Outreach Director and serves our 34 mission partners and the numerous local community outreach efforts. She does this through building relationships and sharing wha [...]

Mark Mitchell

Lead Pastor


650-349-1132 ex 123

Mark Mitchell joined the staff at Central Peninsula Church in 1986 and now serves as [...]

Mike Northcote

Executive Assistant to the Lead Pastor


650-349-1132 ex 123

Mike Northcote is the Executive Assistant to our Lead Pastor as well as having a few other responsibilities, including: overseeing Converge (young marrieds ministry), planning various projects and eve [...]

Brandon Pasion

Worship Director


650-349-1132 ex 111

Coming soon! [...]

Sue Petiti



650-349-1132 ex 124

Sue Petiti is our Bookkeeper. After spending 25 years working in the garment industry, she first joined our staff in 2002 working with CPCKids. More recently, she moved to central support where she no [...]

Charlie Royce

Director of Church Administration


Charlie is the Director of Church Administration. Basically, he is responsible for the boring stuff that has to be done. He has an incredible hidden talent of graphic design skills. It may surprise so [...]

Kim Schulz

CPCconnect Coordinator


650-349-1132 ex 134

Kim Schulz is our CPCconnect Coordinator. She tells us that her hidden talent is cooking and then adds, “kind of.” You may be surprised to learn that she has an almost 30 year old son and she can’t li [...]

Mike Sly

Technical Director


650-349-1132 ex 109

Mike Sly is our Technical Director for all three campuses. Photography, he tells us, is his hidden talent. You may be surprised to learn that he used to work in the TV industry before coming to CPC an [...]

Kevin Sneed

Generations Pastor



Coming soon. [...]

Janet Trites

Women's Bible Study Director


650.349.1132 ex115

Coming Soon! [...]

Dave Vergara

Executive Pastor


650-349-1132 ex 126

Dave Vergara is our Executive Pastor. He has a useful hidden talent--he’s a car detailer! You may be surprised to learn that during college at the University of Illinois he played the clarinet in the [...]

Ricky Wade

Recovery Ministry Coordinator


650-349-1132 ex 137

Ricky Wade serves alongside the Higher Power Celebration Ministry and is in recovery from drug and alcohol dependency. After 10 years of substance abuse Ricky found himself locked up in county jail fa [...]