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Day Labor

Each week we serve our local immigrants, mainly from Guatemala, who are waiting for work in San Mateo at the Worker Resource Center. Join our CPC team as we invite the men to study and discuss God’s loving Word. Be part of planting powerful seeds of God’s redemption in their lives.


We have expanded to San Carlos providing for the Day Laborers waiting for work, and we welcome your participation 8:15 - 9:15 first and third Saturday mornings. A team member will pick up meals in bags from the Samaritan House in San Mateo 8:50 am and bring them to San Carlos Home Depot. The team of 2–4 people meets in the back of the parking lot across from the Home Depot leftmost entrance. There we set up a table and hand out the food bags along with introducing ourselves and CPC. They are thankful that we care, which enables us to build relationships and look for opportunities to naturally move to a spiritual discussion, including asking about their church and how we can pray for them.


Where: Lucky/Home Depot Parking Lot in San Carlos

Team Leader: Fred Krauss