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If this is your first time at Central Peninsula Church, welcome! We believe Easter changed the entire trajectory of history. Jesus died, he was buried, and he was raised from the dead. Not only as theological tenets, but this story connects to our story. Easter gives meaning and purpose to our story. We find a new way to view ourselves in the light of Easter. Easter means something about Jesus and it means something for you. You begin to see your story from a different way, and how your story could connect into a bigger story. What Easter means is that your story has value. Your story has meaning and it’s connected into the story of God. 

We have a special weekend planned for you.

Good Friday Service

6 pm | Foster City Campus

Be inspired and uplifted as we hear from everyday people whose lives have been impacted by last seven phrases Jesus uttered from the cross.

CPCKids provided for children 0-PreK.

godd friday web event


fc buidling

Foster City Campus

Easter Weekend Service Times

Saturday, April 20 | 5 pm

Sunday, April 21 | 9 and 11 am

CPCKids provided for children 0-5th grade

Students go to main services

foxfinal 2

South Campus

Easter at The Fox

Easter Sunday Service Time

Sunday, April 21 | 10 am

CPCKids provided for children 0-5th grade

Students go to main service