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2019 Higher Power Retreat

Where: Camp Santa Cruz

When: 08/09/2019 - 08/11/2019

Although it may seem that finishing the 12 steps is an ending point, we believe completing the 12 steps is the beginning point that leads us to the starting line of our new life in recovery.

At this year’s retreat, we will take a look at the 12 steps and spiritual disciplines that empower us to finish the steps and to establish a foundation in recovery for the future.

So join us at Camp Santa Cruz, August 9-11, 2019 as we spend the weekend enjoying food, fellowship, music, and teaching, centered on God’s work in our recovery.

Enjoy learning from

  • Kevin B.
  • Jacob H.
  • Steve K.

and worship by Jeff Finger from Unchained.

Full cost of the retreat is $120 per person.

Saturday only is $85 per person.

Register today!