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2020-2021 Men's Fraternity Next Generation

Where: Online

When: 09/24/2020

Men’s Fraternity Next Generation is specifically designed for younger men: single, married, or dads with younger children starting Thursday, September 24. Our goal at Men’s Fraternity is to help each other grow into more authentic and spiritually mature men.

For the second half of the year, Men’s Fraternity- Next Generation will use the Men’s Fraternity 33 Curriculum: Volume 2, A Man and His Story. We will keep the same format as last year, with two weeks devoted to each session. First session will be the Men’s Fraternity Series 33 Video using the questions in our workbook to direct the table time. The second week will be a short “in house” video teaching with supplemental questions for the table time. Currently we will meet online. For more information and to register got to