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2022-2023 Men's Fraternity

Where: Central Peninsula Church

When: 09/22/2022

Registration for Men’s Fraternity for the 2022-2023 year is up and running! Men’s Fraternity is an excellent place for men to connect deeper with other men. We meet Thursday Mornings from 6–7:30 am. We combine large group teaching, small group table discussion, and breakfast. The goal of Men’s Fraternity is to build authentic men who love and follow Jesus. Our teaching this year is an in depth study of Romans Chapter 8. Our theme for the year is From Broken to Belonging.  


We recognize the value of an intergenerational ministry to men. Men’s Fraternity is for men of all ages and stages. We do provide a couple of online group options along with a hybrid/zoom option for all our in-person table small groups that meet at church. We offer a hybrid option for those who may miss a meeting and want to attend their group virtually


For more information and to register click here.