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2022-2023 Women's Bible Study

Where: Central Peninsula Church

When: 09/21/2022

In our world today, we are faced with many voices of influence and constant changes in leadership. We’re enmeshed in a culture captivated with physical beauty and form, and people enamored with power and the power of expressing every thought in the public sphere. Many times, what our world considers admirable doesn’t sit well in our own soul. We are surrounded by stories and experiences of poverty, famine, illness, violence,loss and natural disasters of record proportion. Where do we find hope?


If you’re a woman grappling with the hard realities of this life, looking for hope for you and your loved ones’ future, come join us for our study in the rich imagery and poetic message in the book of Isaiah – a message of overcoming, comfort, hope, and restoration of all things.


As we study “THE VISION: Isaiah’s vision of the heart of God,” we’ll see our divine, eternal king, Jesus enthroned for eternity, the suffering servant Jesus who heals us and makes us new, and the coming conqueror Jesus who will restore all things. Throughout the entire prophetic messages of Isaiah, we will see our own sinful rebellion and hear the invitation for repentance, the warning of judgment for the non-repentant – and that there is always hope because of the heart of God for His beloved creation.


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