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Faithing in the Family Parent Lab

Where: Zoom

When: 11/01/2020

As a parent, you know you should talk to your kids and students about specific topics, but you may not know when or where to start. Conversations about technology, mental health, and questions about faith can feel overwhelming for any parent to navigate. Parent Labs help equip you to jump in and meet your child in the phase he or she is in.


In our first Parent Lab, our topic will be Faithing in the Family. A discussion about how faith looks different at every phase. It can be talking with a preschooler about Jesus, or with a student who is having doubts. Our hope and prayer is to partner with and
support you in your God-given role as the primary developer of your child’s faith.


This event is for parents with kids and students ages 2-18. We hope you will join us on Sunday, November 1, from 1:30-3:00 pm. Register today!