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For Our Neighbor At Christmas

Where: At Home

When: 11/12/2020 - 12/01/2020

Be For Our Neighbors this Christmas by encouraging teachers in our community and the homeless. Give towards a gift card and make an encouragement card for families and adults in LifeMoves shelters and/or teachers at Beach Park Elementary. Drop off encouragement cards to CPC in an unsealed envelope by Tuesday, December 1, labeled “LifeMoves” or “Beach Park.” They can be dropped in the mailbox at CPC or mailed in a second envelope. Here are the links to donate $20 to teachers and/or to donate to LifeMoves residents at the amount you choose. From there, CPC and LifeMoves will purchase the gift cards and place them in the encouragement cards you provide. The encouragement cards can say things like, “Thank you, Happy Holidays, You are valued, We pray for your peace and joy, May you feel loved and valued through this gift, or You are in our prayers at Central Peninsula Church. Holiday art adds a personal touch; get the kids engaged! If you have questions, contact Jennifer Marshall.