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Darcie Gripp–Galvan

Campus Experience Director


650-349-1132 ex 108

Darcie Gripp-Galvan is our Campus Experience Director. Her hidden talent is a show-stopper--she can sing a Bible rap [...]

Ryan Hodges

Foster City High School Director


650-349-1132 ex 113

Ryan Hodges is the Element Director at our Foster City Campus. His hidden talent is possessing random sports trivia knowledge. You may be surprised to learn that he was once a member of two bands-- [...]

Rachelle Jensen

Foster City Children's Director


650-349-1132 ex 104

Rachelle Jensen is the Children's Director at the Foster City Campus. She enjoys traveling, singing, playing various instruments, playing and watching sports and hanging out with her pal Micke [...]

Cida Marini

CPCKids Provided Coordinator


650-349-1132 ex 105

Coming soon! [...]

Sandy McGreevy

Campus Administrator


Sandy McGreevy is the Foster City Campus Administrator. She is also responsible for a wide variety of tasks and projects to help ensure the daily and weekly [...]

Dan Reid

Campus Pastor


650-349-1132 ex 116

Dan Reid is our Foster City Campus Pastor. He and his wife Julie have two young adult daughters and one son-in-law. Dan’s hidden talent lies in gardening, growing veggies and making a great salad. You [...]

Erica Rice

Foster City Early Childhood Director


650-349-1132 ex 138

Coming soon! [...]

Michelle Rompel-Anderson

Middle School Director


650-349-1132 ex 106

Michelle Rompel is our Junior High Director at our Foster City Campus. She possesses the hidden ability to try her hand at any sport and perform decent at it! You may be surprised to learn that her fa [...]