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Mercy Ministry

Mercy Ministry Services

There are times in life when we need extra comfort and mercy. Whether you've lost a loved one, simply need prayer or have just welcomed a baby into your family and need some help with meals, our Mercy Team would love to serve and walk with of you through this season.


Bereavement–Extends compassion and help to those who have just suffered the loss of a loved one. Provides pastoral care and assists in planning a memorial or funeral service.


Grief–Provides extended bereavement help through prayer, compassion and a listening ear to those suffering from the loss of a loved one.


Meals–Provides meals for CPCers who are new parents, ill, convalescing from an illness or injury, or suffering from grief.


Encouragement–Ministers to those in the hospital, convalescing from an illness or injury, or walking through an extended trial or illness.


Prayer–Offers prayer support to those who are hurting, experiencing a trial, or going through a life transition and seeking His wisdom.


Nuts and Bolts–Provides small repairs and services for CPCers who are unable to perform these tasks themselves.