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Join a Parish

Several months ago, as we entered this pandemic season, one of the principles we adopted to guide us through this time was to adapt. We realized that the new reality we’re living in would require this. Quite honestly, we initially adapted with a temporary mindset, hoping to regather as soon as possible. We’re now in a position where it seems the restrictions caused by this pandemic will last longer than we thought, and thus we need to “adapt” in a new and more prolonged way since it’s unlikely we will meet together in-person, in our facility, until the end of the year.


We believe that in this pandemic season, while we’ll continue with our online services, we need to find new ways of caring for the people of CPC; new ways of being the church that allow us to stay connected through worship, fellowship, prayer, and Scripture. When we don’t meet together in person, it’s so easy to become disconnected, and we want every person who calls CPC their church home to be connected in vital relationships with others in the Body.


A parish is a grouping of CPCers, based on geography, who have opted in to be connected in a Christ-centered community. Each parish will consist of less than 100 people, including kids and students. A parish will build community, give support, and make connections virtually and in person. If you choose to opt into a parish, your Parish Leadership Team will check in on you from time to time, and you will have the opportunity to attend Parish House Church meetings and All-Parish Gatherings.


No one will be required to participate in all the in-person parish activities. We will also connect together through Zoom. We understand that during this COVID-19 season, we all have different comfort levels for small and large group meetings.

Parish FAQ's