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Bryson Bridges


San Jose, CA

In December 2017, in the confines of my room, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I had no church background, didn’t grow up in Sunday School, and had no sense of God in my life except for occasional prayers before meals or in the endzone before games. A significant injury during my Junior season of college football sent me into a search to ask the bigger questions of life. My identity and purpose were shattered without football, and after months of seeking it, the comfort of the Gospel and this newfound love for Jesus found me at my lowest point in life and gave me a second chance. After finding God (or being found by God), I came back for my senior season in which I became the team captain, joined a local church, joined the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Team, and started a bible study on campus.


It was during this season of my life I began to have a rift within my soul. Ministry within my locker room and making Jesus known was more fulfilling than the actual game itself. I wrestled with this for many months. Eventually, I decided four weeks before the 2019 NFL Draft to forgo an Undrafted Free-Agent contract to the Kansas City Chiefs to answer the call I believe God has placed on my life for vocational ministry. I soon began as a Pastoral Resident at CPC for two years through the Bay Area School of Ministry. I was graciously gifted an opportunity to go back to San Jose State to be the chaplain of the Football team and continue to witness to the players and other student-athletes about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


I’m serving with a ministry called Called Up’, a non-profit working with students and athletes at San Jose State. My job will involve shepherding the San Jose State Football Team (coaches/players/admin) into living out their God-intended design through one-on-one, team, and group meetings. I will also oversee and manage a new piece of property we have purchased called “the place” designed to create community and reach San Jose State for Jesus. My wife Ana and I will be living upstairs, and the downstairs will be converted into a coffee house and hangout space for athletes and students to feel like they have a place to belong.


My wife Ana and I are beyond excited to begin this long-anticipated work to reach, serve, and love these players for Jesus!


You can find out more information about Called Up’ at their website.

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