Moussa and Priscilla Bongoyok


Location: Cameroon

Moussa and Priscilla Bongoyok were born in Cameroon. They have 3 children: two boys and one daughter. Priscilla has training in Biblical Studies, Office Management, and Nursing. Moussa holds a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Graduate Schools (California, USA). Both spent 10 years serving in the Central African Republic. Now, they are leading the Higher Purpose Francophone Center of Mission (HPFCM). In addition to that Moussa, is the President of the Institut Universitaire de Développement International (IUDI) based in Cameroon and also known in English as the Francophone University of International Development (FUID). The main aim of this Non-profit institution of Higher Education is to train men and women for holistic impact on all the spheres of African societies and beyond.


Institut Universitaire de Développement International (IUDI) is known in English as the Francophone University of International Development (FUID). Granted authorization to operate in Cameroon in 2012, it currently serves some 460 students from 18 French-speaking (mainly African) nations. IUDI trains managers and leaders. Grounded on biblical ethics, self-directed learning, mentoring, innovation, digital learning, and holistic development, the Institute offers online and onsite training in the following fields: International Development, Business Administration, Theology, Intercultural Studies, Linguistic Studies, Education Sciences. We train both French and English Speaking students.


IUDI fosters personal and community transformation within a holistic perspective, taking into account the intellectual, physical, financial, moral and spiritual needs of human beings. IUDI trains men and women able to make a difference for the glory of God and effectively contribute to the holistic development of individuals and entire communities.


More than a university, IUDI is also a dynamic movement seeking to impact the world with godly love and excellence. It does this through self-directed learning, mentoring and holistic development while seeking to maintain a balance between faith and reason, theory and practice, distance learning and onsite learning.

For more information please visit WWW.IUDI.ORG.

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