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Low Income Schools


CPC has adopted this school in San Mateo and has been faithfully establishing a solid relationship of service and care to the students, faculty, and community. Most of the students at this school are on food assistance, so serving the teachers helps encourage them in their efforts to love these students well. LEAD Elementary is a TK-5 Magnet School of Literacy, Emotional/Social Learning and Enrichment, Academics, and Digital Arts Integration Themed School serving a low-income community.

Classroom Helper

Make a difference in the lives of children and teachers through more attention/time per student. Serving a low-income community, LEAD Elementary lacks volunteer parents and outside helpers to assist teachers and students in classrooms and as lunch monitors.


When: One or more hours 8 am to noon on Mon, Tue, Thur, or Friday

Where: LEAD Elementary, 949 Ocean View Avenue, San Mateo, CA, 94401

Participant Minimum age: Adult


NOTE: The school district requires established volunteers who work with students in the classroom to have a LiveScan clearance, which is an electronic fingerprint scan that can be done at UPS. You can get the approximately $70 cost reimbursed by CPC as long as you volunteer to help for a least two classes.


Team Leader: Jennifer Marshall



Read with Elementary School Students through the Redwood City Reads program. Read one-on-one with elementary school students and serve a marginalized community in Redwood City in partnership with Generations United. By providing focused attention on each student, you can help students work towards reaching their grade-level reading and give them confidence in their academic journey. You can also play educational games or lead arts and crafts projects with the students.


When: One or more hours on Tuesdays through Thursdays.


Team Leader: Jennifer Marshall




BCM provides after school, evening, and summer programs for economically disadvantaged students grades 6 to 8 in East Palo Alto that help them see a brighter future and improve their school achievements. BCM provides hands-on exposure to fields such as computers, robotics, and sciences.


CPC supports and encourages Bayshore Christian Ministries staff and students by providing and serving meals, as well as developing and leading activities for the StreetWorkZ evening program. After everyone eats dinner together, the students are divided into groups and rotate among 2 or 3 activities, one of which the volunteers design and lead with guidance from the BCM staff. The approximately 2.5 hour evening finishes with a wrap-up and debrief.


Team Leader: Fred Krauss