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Welcome to South Campus

Church. Few things create more confusion–and yet, have more potential–than the church. We believe that the church can be for the good of the city. We believe that renewal can happen when we are connected together. Church is not a building, but a movement of people following in the way of Jesus. Our hope is that this church can be a place for you to belong in a spiritual community with people who are curious to see how God is at work today.


Join us as we meet weekly in the Fox Theatre at 10 am and explore what this means for each of us and for our city.

Locations & Times

South Campus

Service Time

10 am


Meets at 10 am


Church is not just for Sunday mornings. We are created to experience deep levels of community with other believers, and one of the best ways to grow spiritually and live life with fellow Christ-followers is through a Community Group.

For Our Neighbor

What does it mean to be “for” someone? When someone is ‘for’ you, they want the best for you, they come alongside you, they seek your good. In the same way, God is for you. He put His love for you in action through Jesus.

We are invited to bring hope to our family, work, people in our circle, people outside of our circle, people on the Peninsula, people who have much, and people who are in need. We invite people to join the story of God and have the opportunity to bring a glimpse of God’s future into the present.

Upcoming Events


Summer XP and XP+

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