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South Campus Digital Bulletin

Sunday, January 24, 2021


Host: Darcie Galvan 

Worship: Brandon Pasion

Passage: Cultural Engagement Pilar - Matthew 5:13-16




  • Bright Future Campaign: Our Bright Future Campaign is coming along! It’s been fun to watch the progress of the various projects through our social media channels! As a reminder, our goal is to raise $650,000 between now and the end of January. We are about halfway to our goal! This money will upgrade and prepare our meeting spaces and go to our Local and Global Outreach. We will support Daryl Smithgal and the Garden of Love and Hope by building a medical and dental facility. We are also excited to use a portion of the funds raised to support a new local ministry partner, Worldsong Aid, led by Bobbie Gilman. Their mission is to provide trafficking survivors with all the necessary resources to achieve emotional and physical rehabilitation and establish meaningful employment. To learn more about “A Bright Future Campaign” and to give, go to


  • Cultural Engagement Pillar: As we move forward with our last vision pillar on cultural engagement, make sure to check out the many resources available to you on our website at


  • Join a Parish: We have five CPC Parishes up and down the Peninsula! Have you joined one yet? We would encourage you to do so! It’s been wonderful seeing people in person in a COVID safe way as we worship together in the backyard of host’s homes through our Sunday Livestream. We call them house churches. It’s been wonderful to gather as a large group in our parish both virtually and outside in-person as we get to know each other on a deeper level, pray, and play together. For more information on joining a CPC Parish and to register for one, go to


  • Need Help, Prayer, Job Support or Emotional Support?: Make sure to go to the CPC COVID-19 Page. There you can ask for prayer, ask for help, and ask for biblical counseling. Biblical Counseling is now offering confidential video biblical counseling.


  • Have you downloaded the Central Peninsula Church App? It’s available on all platforms in the app stores and filled with sermon notes, our weekly bulletin, sermons in audio and video format, WBS and Men’s Fraternity Lessons and more!