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Our Team

Sam Abel

Middle School Ministry Director

Rachel Almeida

Pastoral Resident

Fabiano Andrade

Operations Coordinator

Timmy Belleson

Technical Director

Kathy Berggren

Women's Pastor

Bryson Bridges

Pastoral Resident

Norma Bufford

Finance Director

Darcie Galvan

Foster City Campus Experience Director

Monica Griffin

Coordinator of Care Ministries

Daniel Grunewald

Pastoral Resident

Richard Healy

Technical Coordinator

Bryan Henderson

Worship Coordinator

Ryan Hodges

Foster City High School Director

Sandy Hughes

Pastor of Communications

Rachelle Jensen

CPCKids Team Development Director

Steve Kinstler

Director of Restoration Ministries

Cida Marini

CPCKids Program Coordinator

Jennifer Marshall

Missions and Outreach Director

Glendy Martin

South Campus CPCKids Coordinator

Mark Mitchell

Lead Pastor

Mike Northcote

Executive Assistant to the Lead Pastor

Brandon Pasion

Worship Director

Sue Petiti

Finance Coordinator

Randon Pugh

Pastoral Resident

Dan Reid

Campus Pastor

Erica Rice

CPCKids Admin and Creative Director

Shanawa Richardson

Pastoral Resident

Charlie Royce

Director of Church Administration

Kim Schulz

CPCconnect Coordinator

Kevin Sneed

Teaching Pastor

Janet Trites

Women's Bible Study Director

Dave Vergara

Executive Pastor

Ricky Wade

Recovery Ministry Coordinator


Charles Gregory

Men's Fraternity

Joe Osorio


Kim Richardson

Women's Bible Study


Santosh Davies

Dale Heer

Tom Liebl

Mike McCollum

Jesse McQuiston

Mark Mitchell

Bernard Nguyen

Dan Reid

Jim Richardson

Dave Vergara