MOPS and MOMSNext have recently gone to a new brand called THE MOMCo. With CPC's new website, we've decided to incorporate the MOPS International new branding. So what was known as MOPS and MOMSNext will now be referred to as THE MOMCo.

Register for THE MOMCo Thursday AM Group

THE MOMCo groups are offered on scheduled Thursdays at 9:30 am.

Moms with school-age children should register for MOMSnext.

Explore meeting dates here.

Care for your kids is offered at morning groups.

We call it CPCKids, and it is an excellent program staffed by teachers who will nuture your kids in a fun-loving environment.

THE MOMCo group fees: $190 is due upon registration to gain access to MOMCo International resources online.

Scholarships are available.


The MOMCo PM group meets Tuesday evenings from 7:30–9 pm at a home in San Carlos.

Our evening groups are kid-free, childcare is not available, but momma's with young babies who need to be with mamma, are welcome!

Explore THE MOMCo PM meeting dates here.

Scholarships are available.

This is Motherhood

Here at MOMCo, we are on a mission to celebrate motherhood.

We build circles of women who love each other like family, because raising humans is beautiful and hard, and having each other to lean on is life-giving. That’s why we connect moms all over the Peninsula to meet together to laugh, cry, and embrace the journey of motherhood.


  • A group for moms with children (expecting up through high school)
  • A place to form friendships
  • A time to receive support and encouragement
  • “Mom time”–who doesn’t need more of that?
  • A place to unwind, grow, create, and have fun!

What Happens At THE MOMCo?

During each meeting, moms will enjoy refreshments, followed by speakers with topics relevant to moms. Then, there will be a wonderful time of adult conversation, and a craft or other fun activity. It’s a great way to connect with other moms and get re-energized!

What to Expect

A Welcoming and Open Environment - We moms need each other. At each meeting, there will be time to get to know other moms in an accepting small group atmosphere.

Practical Help – Need some inspiration? At every meeting, there will be a speaker or video with valuable take–away teaching.

Mentoring – Meet a MOMCo Mentor Mom who has been through it all and has great advice and a willing ear.

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