What to Expect

When you arrive on Sunday morning you will find a team of people ready to guide you through the registration process, and personally escort you to your child’s classroom. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have about CPCKids.

Check In

Check-In begins 20 minutes before each service and ends 20 minutes after the service starts. The process is fast and easy! Your first time? Don’t worry, just go to the “New Family” sign and we’ll walk you through it.


In order to create a safe environment for your family, we follow these strict security procedures

  • When you bring your children to CPCKids, they will receive numbered security stickers that will be adhered to their shirts and diaper bags. You will receive tags with matching numbers. You must have these security tags in order to pick up your children. This is to ensure that no one picks them up without your permission. In the event we need to contact you during the service, the security tag number will be posted on a monitor in the auditorium and lobby at the Foster City Campus. At the South Campus you will receive a text message.
  • There must be two team members present before your child will be admitted into their age appropriate room. Rooms open 10 minutes before the start of service.
  • All our team members are screened through an application process and criminal background check. They also receive training in safety procedures, curriculum, and basic child-development. Additionally, volunteers are not permitted to take children to the restroom without a female staff member present.


We are committed to providing a safe, super fun, and meaningful experience for kids. We believe this happens best when kids have a consistent leader and peer group every week. Our amazing leaders are committed to a regular consistent schedule for the entire year so that your kid sees a familiar, smiling face every time you come to CPCKids.


It's important to note any allergies on the registration form. A note will print out on your child’s security sticker to inform their leader of any allergies. We serve Goldfish crackers in preschool every Sunday. On the rare occasion we serve something special there will be a sign to alert you at check-in.

Move Up

All promotions will happen automatically when you check in at the kiosk

  • Preschool & Elementary- We will promote kids to the next classroom or small group on the first Sunday in June. This is considered “Promotion Sunday” for CPCKids as well as CPC Student Ministries.
  • Infants- Babies will be promoted to the Toddler room once they start walking.
  • Toddlers- Toddlers will be promoted to a 2 year old room on the first Sunday after they turn 2.

More Info

For more information regarding Foster City CPCKids contact RACHELLE JENSEN.

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