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One Solitary Man (Easter Sermon)

Mark Mitchell

Foster City: 04/04/2021

John 11:1-44

2021 Good Friday Service

Foster City: 04/02/2021

The Last Seven Words on the Cross


2021 Good Friday and Easter Services

2021 Good Friday and Easter Services

So I Send You

Engaging Our Culture With The Gospel

Emmanuel: God With Us

Christmas 2020

Beautifully Broken

Lessons in 2 Corinthians

The Return

Coming Home from the Book of Ezra

Father's Day

One Kingdom. Indivisible.

Kingdom Allegiance Before Political Alliance

Answering God

Psalms of Lament, Trust, Hope and Gratitude


Easter April 11-12, 2020

Good Friday Service

Good Friday Service April 10, 2020

Making A Move

A Sermon Series on Being Equipped For Ministry

One-Off Sermons in 2020

Sermons Preached at CPC Outside of a Sermon Series

Common Prayer

A Daily Guided Prayer Time In Response To COVID-19

All I Want For Christmas

Various passages from Isaiah

Pure Religion

Wisdom that Works from the Book of James

Formed: Opening Our Lives To The Work Of The Spirit

CPC Spiritual Formation Pillar

2019 Vision Sunday


Worth It: Listening to the Voice that Matters Most

A sermon series on our identity in Christ

Family XP

Father's Day

Father's Day Messages


Lessons From The Life of David

Life In Color

A Sermon Series on the CPC Worship Pillar

New Year Sermons

Sermons around the New Year

Picture Perfect Christmas


2018 Vision Sunday

Forward: A Vision for the Future

Revive: A Summer of Blessing and Growth

A sermon series on the benedictions of the Bible and spiritual practices.

Mother's Day

Unlikely Kingdom: The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew


CPC's 50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend

Base Camp: Tools For The Journey

This sermon series will provide you with the essentials for genuine discipleship, not just in terms of what to believe but also in terms of what to do and how to do it.

Exiles–Hope Between Two Worlds

A study in 1 Peter

What Child is This?

Why is the child we celebrate at Christmas so special?

Ventures in Faith

A study in the book of Joshua.

Trending Now

Various cultural topics where we can live out our faith in Jesus.


The Christmas Story from different perspectives.


A study in the book of Romans.

Rebuilding Your Broken World

A study in the book of Nehemiah.

The Story

A walk through the entire Bible.

Building a Home: One Room at a Time

The Crown and the Fire

Love Letters

A sermon series on 1 John

Songs of Summer

A study in various Psalms.

Come and See

A study in the Gospel of John.

Follow Jesus

What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Christmas From Above

What did Christmas look like from God’s perspective?

The Wisest Fool

A study in the life of Solomon.

Sit, Walk, Stand

A sermon series on Ephesians

The Apostles' Creed

The big picture of our faith in 100 words.

The Unexpected Gift

A Christmas series on the gift of Jesus.

Taking God Seriously

A study in the Minor Prophets.

The Kings Speech

A sermon series on the upper-room discourse

Crazy Church

Prayers of Our Fathers

A study of prayers from people in the Bible.


Sermons on Genesis and Revelation

Freedom from Religion

A sermon series on Galatians

The Living Church

The Good Life: Finding Freedom in the 10 Commandments

Turning Point: Start Fresh/Stay the Course

A sermon series on the life of Moses

Wisdom for Back to School

Jesus for Beat-Up People

Sermons on Hebrews

Can you hear me now?

A sermon series on Habakkuk

Sex, Marriage and Singleness from God's Point of View

Acts the Rest of the Story

A People & A Place Transformed by the Gospel

The Running Father

A Savior for all People


Stories Jesus told.

Precious and Magnificent Promises

Romance and Redemption


A Guidebook for Aliens

Same-Sex Partnership


A Life That Counts

1 Thessalonians

Understanding the Church

Searching for Satisfaction in an Unsatisfying World

The Invisible Hand in the Invincible Life


The Life God Blesses

Colossians: Complete In Christ

Living By Faith In A Faithless World