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Careful Resistance

Dominic Rivera

South Campus: 05/21/2017

1 Peter 5:6-14

You're In God's Hand

Rob Hall

North Campus: 05/21/2017

1 Peter 5:6-14

Look Up, Look Out, Look In

Mark Mitchell

Foster City: 05/21/2017

1 Peter 5:5b-14


Exiles–Hope Between Two Worlds

A study in 1 Peter.

What Child is This?

Why is the child we celebrate at Christmas so special?

Ventures in Faith

A study in the book of Joshua.

Trending Now

Various cultural topics where we can live out our faith in Jesus.


The Christmas Story from different perspectives.


A study in the book of Romans.

Rebuilding Your Broken World

A study in the book of Nehemiah.

The Story

A walk through the entire Bible.

Building a Home: One Room at a Time

The Crown and the Fire

Love Letters

Songs of Summer

A study in various Psalms.

Come and See

A study in the Gospel of John.

Follow Jesus

What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Christmas From Above

What did Christmas look like from God’s perspective?

The Wisest Fool

A study in the life of Solomon.

Sit, Walk, Stand

The Apostles' Creed

The big picture of our faith in 100 words.

The Unexpected Gift

A Christmas series on the gift of Jesus.

Taking God Seriously

A study in the Minor Prophets.

The Kings Speech

Crazy Church

Prayers of Our Fathers

A study of prayers from people in the Bible.


Freedom from Religion

The Living Church

The Good Life: Finding Freedom in the 10 Commandments

Turning Point: Start Fresh/Stay the Course

Wisdom for Back to School

Jesus for Beat-Up People

Can you hear me now?

Sex, Marriage and Singleness from God's Point of View

Acts the Rest of the Story

A People & A Place Transformed by the Gospel

The Running Father

A Savior for all People


Stories Jesus told.

Precious and Magnificent Promises

Romance and Redemption

A Guidebook for Aliens

Same-Sex Partnership

A Life That Counts

1 Thessalonians

Understanding the Church

Searching for Satisfaction in an Unsatisfying World

The Invisible Hand in the Invincible Life

The Life God Blesses

Colossians: Complete In Christ

Living By Faith In A Faithless World