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Mission Partners

Friends of India


A ministry supporting one of the unreached people groups we have adopted. [...]

Moussa and Priscilla Bongoyok


Moussa and Priscilla Bongoyok were born in Cameroon. They have 3 children: two boys and one daughter. Priscilla has training in Biblical Studies, Office Management, and Nursing. Moussa holds a Ph.D. i [...]

Sam Hala'ufia

Stanislaus State University

Currently, his Stan State staff team’s vision is that students and faculty would realize and live into God’s dream for their lives. [...]

Steve and Sandy Woods

Asia Pacific Region

Steve Woods and his wife, Sandy, have been Young Life leaders since 1972. First as volunteer leaders during college, and since 1979 as full-time staff. Their ministry has included reaching out to urba [...]

Chad and Fabiola Wolyn

South Central Los Angeles

CPC was Chad’s home away from home in the late 90’s because he was living in Oregon and his parents were attending CPC. Whenever he’d come “home”, he and Fabiola would serve with Bags of Love by reac [...]

Rob and Sandy Wertheim

San Francisco Bay Area

Rob and Sandy both grew up in Conservative Jewish homes. They both attended Hebrew school, an after school program held at their synagogues. Rob had a traditional Bar Mitzvah when he turned 13. Dur [...]

Roy and Bonita Thompson

Southeast Asia | Bangkok

Roy has spent most of his adult life in ministry traveling to various places around the world creating a safe place for people of all cultures and religions to discuss spiritual issues. Now living in [...]

The Good Samaritan Association


The Good Samaritan Association was formed in 1993, and its Rehabilitation Centre was founded in 1995. Click on the picture to see a video all about it. It is an Evangelical NGO whose founders are memb [...]

Support Circle

Bay Area

Support Circle is comprised of three state-licensed medical clinics in the Bay Area committed to providing time, space, and support for women in unintended pregnancies as she makes her choice. We are [...]

Daryl Smithgall


Daryl started Footsteps Missions in 1999 as a Christian Nonprofit organization to help encourage, train, and equip people in serving those in need around the world. He has traveled to over 45 countrie [...]

Dr. Itengre and Rasmata Quedraogo

Niger, West Africa

I am a surgeon at Danja Fistula Center, Niger, West Africa. I was born in Burkina Faso in 1973. Our family did not have enough resources in term of finances, so I did not enjoy most of the things oth [...]

CJ Peterson

Spokane, Washington

CJ Peterson is the Area Director of Hillyard in North Spokane. She grew up attending Central Peninsula Church, [...]

Paul and Nary Nuth

Cambodia | United States

Paul was born and raised in Cambodia in a Buddhist family, where 95 percent of Cambodians still claim Buddha as their god. In 1973, Paul received the living Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. In 197 [...]

Fred and Anastassia Naff


Fred started going to CPC in 1978, a few months after he gave my life to Christ. When he was with InterVarsity he was the first person from CPC to go out as a missionary. Fred and Anastassia met in It [...]

Ruslan and Gul'mira Muratayev


In 1993 Ruslan began to study under the Bible Education by Extension (BEE) program. Sometime later, he became a BEE staff director, and worked for BEE in different cities in Ukraine. The purpose of Ru [...]

Boban and Gabi Jakimovski


Gabi and I come from traditional orthodox families where the teachings about Jesus and the Bible are not mentioned. My father, as part of communist movements and political parties, refused to discuss [...]

Vince and Cathy Costa


Vince and Cathy Costa have ministered in Italy since 1975. The Costas’ ministry emphasis and purpose has been to disciple the next generation of Christian leaders in order to spread the gospel in key [...]

Chris and Sarah Chirico

Mid-Peninsula Young Life

Chris is the Area Director for Mid Peninsula Young Life. He grew up in Phoenix Arizona, graduated from Arizona State University, and moved to San Mateo to work with Young Life. He and his wife, Sarah [...]

Eric and Rachel Chen

San Jose State University Campus

Eric was born and raised in a Taiwanese-immigrant family in the Midwest. His family started following Christ through the ministry of a local Chinese Christian church. At about the age of 6, Eric took [...]

Call Primrose Center

San Mateo County

17% of children in San Mateo County live in food insecure households, meaning households in which there is limited or uncertain access to adequate food. Over 36% of children in San Mateo County qualif [...]

Joseph and Michelle Butlig

Greater Los Angeles

Michelle grew up going to Hope Lutheran Church in San Mateo with Chad Wolyn, one of our other Mission Partners. In college she spent 5 months in Kyrgyzstan where The Lord gave her a heart for the wor [...]

John and Ramie Book

UCLA, USC, and campuses throughout Los Angeles

John grew up at CPC. He remembers reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and becoming convinced that Christianity was, in fact, true. When it came time to leave home and start his college career at [...]

Berti and Adelina Berhami


I (Berti) was born behind the iron curtain in 1972, in a Muslim family by tradition, but I was raised as an atheist under the communist regime, which strictly controlled every aspect of life. While in [...]

Bill and Wini Babione

Eastern Europe Russia

Wini was “sent out” from Central Peninsula Church (CPC) in January of 1992 to serve long-term with Campus Crusade for Christ’s Community Health Evangelism ministry in East Africa. That summer she met [...]

Arman and Lilit Asatryan

Yerevan, Armenia

Arman grew up in very difficult times for Armenia when the Soviet Union fell so this had a huge influence in his life. He accepted Jesus through Canadian missionaries that were showing the Jesus film [...]